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What Dangers Can Mold Bring to Your Place?

Mold grows in damp or moist places. This can happen anywhere in your home or commercial building. The common regions for mold growth include basements, ceilings, drywall, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs. When mold grows in such areas, it may pose significant dangers to your health and property. If you experience a mold issue in your place, it's best to seek mold remediation services from certified professionals in Harrison, NY.

One of the best places to seek professional help is Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Harrison NY. Call us today at 914-315-7062 to get the help you need.

What Are Common Signs of Mold?

Mold is a common issue in highly humid environments. If you suspect a mold issue in your place, you can check out the following signs before contacting a mold professional.

Visible Mold Stains

It's always hard to detect mold during its initial stages. However, when you encounter areas of visible mold, it implies that the mold issue has taken root. With these visible signs, you should seek professional help.

Musty or Damp Smell

Another common sign of a mold manifestation in your house is a constant musty smell. When mold starts to grow, it emits some odor that affects the normal circulation of fresh air.

Dark or Colored Patches in Your Walls

Another visible sign of mold is the occurrence of black or green spots on surfaces like ceilings or walls. This indicates that these surfaces are moist hence a good harbor for the growth of mold.

Persistent Cold or Flu-like Symptoms

Mold in your house comes with several health issues. If you keep experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms that persist after treatment, it could indicate an underlying mold issue.

Check out any of these signs to determine whether you have a mold issue in your place.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
Call Now To Schedule! 914-315-7062
Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

How Can I Know for Sure if There Is Mold Growth?

If you experience a constant musty smell while in your place, it's best to seek a professional mold inspection service to determine whether it's mold growth. To know for sure if it is mold, our experts will do the following:

  • Probe of the affected surfaces. Our experts will assess the affected area and take a probe. If the surface is soft or crumbles, rot has begun due to a mold presence.
  • Check for excess moisture. Water leaks are the major cause of mold in your place. Our experts will check for any plumbing leaks that could have led to the mold issue, or for signs of moisture where it doesn't belong.
  • Inspect the ductwork. Warm, moist air is likely to condense and leave some moisture on the ductwork. We'll therefore inspect your ductwork to ascertain that everything is fine.

If we detect the presence of mold during the inspection process, our certified professionals will collect mold samples for further testing at the lab. And if we don't find anything, we can collect air samples to determine definitely if there is mold growing somewhere. The testing seeks to establish whether there is mold present and if it is in greater quantities than you would normally expect.

How Can Mold Harm Your Health and Your Property?

Some of the common mold effects on your health and property are:


Mold can produce allergens, toxic substances, or irritants when it grows. This could, in turn, lead to allergic reactions like:

  • Sneezing
  • Red eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Runny nose.

Mold can also cause asthma attacks in people prone to this condition. Frequent exposure to mold could also irritate the nose, eye, throat, skin, or lungs.


Unchecked mold issues could pose significant property damage, including:

  • Collapse of ceilings
  • Walls falling
  • Floorboards caving in.

This property damage mostly happens because mold eats away ceiling tiles, wooden studs, wallpapers, floorboards, carpets, and drywall inside the building. If this happens, it's quite expensive to repair or replace the damaged property in your home or commercial building.

Plan of Action after Mold Is Identified

After identifying mold in your home or commercial building, our experts will conduct professional mold remediation. This entails scrubbing the affected surfaces and washing with detergent. We'll also remove and dispose of completely damaged material.

The final step will entail disinfecting the affected areas to kill all mold residue and prevent future growths. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Harrison NY, is the best place to seek professional mold remediation services. We are certified, licensed, and insured to give you hassle-free mold services. If you need help, contact us ASAP!

It's Time To Restore Your Health and Property

The best way to avoid the dangers of mold is to neutralize the issue in time. Some of the common signs of mold include visible mold spores, musty smells, colored patches on walls, and flu-like symptoms. Possible health effects of mold include allergy, irritations, and respiratory complications.

Mold can also damage property such as ceilings, walls, and floorboards. To promptly address a mold issue in your place, we recommend contacting Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Harrison NY. We'll handle the mold issue as if it were our own and help avoid the possible dangers. Call us today at 914-315-7062, and we'll reach out ASAP!


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